Painted Frog


Today I came to an interesting thought to explore.  If I didn’t have the exact fabric I wanted, how can I create the fabric with acrylic paint easily.  I’m not into dying fabrics and the mess that comes with it.

So, I took out my acrylic paints and my Kona white fabric.  Then I also thought…..What would happen if I use the freezer paper pattern piece, iron it to the fabric and do a “wash” over it.  This is what it created:


It had enough resist to give me an outline for painting purposes.

I continued painting with my acrylic paints and various brush sizes.


Quite happy with the results and the ease of the painting, I continued adding details:


Finally came to the final touches to bring the painting to life.


Amazed at how it turned out!  So, I now have a new technique in my “tool box”…..whole cloth painting!

I will quilt on top of it to bring out even more details.