Rolled Hem

Today I was hemming a dress for a wedding that I’m making.  The satin I knew was too thick for the rolling foot that I had and would cause havoc at the seams when I got to them.  So, I had to come up with a different plan.


IMG_2285 Figure 1

Since satin frays easily, I had to trim off the long strands along the edge and then I zigzagged the edge. (see figure 1) My stitch length was approximately 1/4″.  Yes, this is going to be a thicker hem line than the standard 1/8″ hem.  If you decide to do this method make sure that you leave yourself 1/2″ at the bottom for the hem.

IMG_2287  Figure 2

The zigzag on the hem serves two purposes. (figure 2)  First of all, it prevents the edge from fraying any more.  Secondly, it serves as a guide to the thickness of your hem when rolling your hem.

I figured that if I fold the bottom of the hem over the width of the stitching at the bottom and then a second time, move my needle over 2 positions to the left, I was able to hem the bottom of the dress almost as well as with a rolling foot.

Figure 3 shows the final hem before ironing all the wrinkles out.  It measured a “fat” 1/4″.  It looked perfect once it was ironed.

Figure 3

This is just another method of doing a rolled hem without using a rolled hem foot.  Hope you try it out on your next garment and tell me what you think of this method!


Have a fabulous day!